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GMTK 2019 - Only One

Help an old mage sift through a cavern of junk to find the only one he needs.

Controls listed in-game (PRESS 'ESC' to view CONTROLS)

Be sure to GRAB THE POTIONS! Especially in the first level!

Toss Junk. Freeze junk. Burn Junk. Melt it with Acid. Whatever it takes to find Merlin's special item.


  • The target object is frequently very similar in appearance to other objects. A careful eye is needed
  • Use the levitation sparingly. Pushes are generally more mana-efficient
  • Divination is imprecise. Use it multiple times to get a feel for the correct location
  • Use Ignite / Corrosion to thin out the quantity of junk
  • Have fun!



MerlinsMess-PostJam-ManaTweaks 7 MB
MerlinsMess - Original Jam Version 7 MB

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